How Whole Body Hyperthermia BOOSTS Immune Function

Whole body hyperthermia therapy is a healing modality that artificially induces a fever to harness the self-healing capabilities of the body. Higher-than-normal body temperatures activate the immune system to fight pathogenic invaders by decreasing their capacity to divide and multiply – at the same time making them more susceptible to attack by the immune system

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Additionally, the therapy exploits the fact that cancer cells are more sensitive to heat than are normal cells, due to deficits in cooling.  

What Is Whole Body Hyperthermia?

Hyperthermia is a type of heat therapy that exposes tissues in the body to high temperatures, not exceeding 113° Fahrenheit. This is significantly higher than a normal body temperature of 98.6° F. Cancer cells are highly susceptible to heat, which destroys their cellular membranes, and ultimately the cell itself.

Artificially inducing a fever is used to destroy tumors, while limiting the damage incurred to healthy cells. Changes within the cell, and the surrounding milieu, are initiated to make malignancies more receptive to chemotherapy agents and radiation.

Damage to healthy tissue is reduced, and side effects are not as severe, when hyperthermia is used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments. Cells also become more sensitive to holistic therapies, such as high-dose vitamin C. Hyperthermia is used to address tumors, including recurrent breast cancer tumors and melanoma, that are located just a few centimeters below the skin.

High heat increases the temperature within tumors to increase oxygenation and blood flow. This is significant because oxidative therapies, including radiation and chemotherapy, utilize oxygen to oxidize cancer cells. Heat, above a certain threshold, increases the vulnerability of abnormal cells to apoptosis, a self-protective mechanism of programmed cell death.

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Localized/ Regional Hyperthermia

Extreme temperatures, not only kill cancer cells, but can also damage healthy cells. This is why temperatures must be tightly controlled using hyperthermia. This assures that only abnormal cells are affected, with normal cells incurring limited damage. High temperatures destroy malignant cells, along with the surrounding blood vessels that nourish them.

Regional or localized hyperthermia is used to heat tumors and the surrounding areas, and in some cases, the tumor itself. A variety of methods are used, including ultrasound energy, radio frequency, microwave, and magnetic hyperthermia. The temperature, along with the duration of therapy, determines the resulting effect within the tissues.

Radiofrequency Ablation, which uses very high temperatures, is the most common type of localized hyperthermia used today. This method is used to target tumors that are unable to be surgically removed – this is due either to their location or the general health of the person.

Regional hyperthermia involves the heating of a specific body part, such as an organ or limb. The temperature is not high enough to kill cancer cells entirely, but is used in combination with radiation or chemotherapy. It’s also used to target malignancies within the digestive and gastrointestinal systems.


“Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure any disease.” – Hippocrates

Fever Range Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapy

True to its name, whole body hyperthermia heats the entire body at temperatures that simulate a fever. This is why it’s also called fever-range-whole-body hyperthermia. Fevers play a vital role in eradicating infections, which is why it’s best to let fevers run their course, rather than reducing them with over-the-counter medications.

Artificially inducing a fever stimulates immunological reactions within both the innate and adaptive immune systems, including the production of inflammatory mediators, and the increase in activity of antigen-presenting cells.

Fevers promote detoxification, and increase metabolic rate, which accelerates tissue-repair. They also enable drugs to work more effectively, due to their ability to better penetrate tissues.

Hyperthermia and Metastatic Cancer

Whole-body hyperthermia is currently being studied for its effect on metastatic cancers. Body temperature is increased using a variety of methods, including immersion in warm water, heated blankets, or thermal chambers, which look like a human-sized incubator.

Hyperthermia is an integrative approach that is used for the majority of cancer types. The activation of immune cells continues for hours following a heat-therapy session. It is used for other conditions besides cancer, including Lyme disease, cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity, GI disorders, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, and depression.


Benefits of hyperthermia include:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Non-invasive
  • Is safe and works quickly
  • Is used in conjunction with radiation to increase effectiveness
  • Allows for reduced dosages of chemotherapy
  • Minimal side effects (is dependent on temperature and duration)
  • Targets malignancies
  • Does not harm normal cells
  • Increases sweat production through evaporation
  • Increases circulation via vasodilation
  • Induces apoptosis
  • Reduces viral load in people with AIDs
  • Works as an anti-depressant
Whole Body Hyperthermia - Healthy To Be Hyper-Sauna

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The sauna dome consists of two lightweight domes, making it simple and convenient to tuck away in a closet or corner or to transport to another location. The double-dome construction is ideal for home-use, medical facilities, or day spas. The mat and dome can be used separately – each has its own digital control system with multiple heat-level adjustments.

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The light-weight domes are made of solid wood with a luxurious finish, and include sturdy control boxes made of wood. Construction materials consist of Grade “A” Nordic Spruce, non-toxic vinyl, and natural, organic hemp cloth to ensure a lifetime of use.

The mat is made of comfortable and durable memory foam, which enables both the front and back of the body to be exposed to infrared heat. The True Wave II™ heating elements are ultra-low in EMFs. The unit also comes with a FREE iCelsius Rectal Thermometer worth $150.

The unit comes with a lifetime warranty, which includes both the dome and infrared pad. A five-year warranty is offered on the control units. Installation and set-up takes just a few minutes.

Key Points

Whole-body hyperthermia is a powerful therapy that induces a natural healing response by elevating the core temperature of the body. High temperatures damage proteins within cancer cells, leading to their demise, while decreasing the likelihood of metastases.

Hyperthermia is used therapeutically for other diseases besides cancer. It reduces pathogenic load by inhibiting the ability of viruses and bacteria to divide and multiply, making them more vulnerable to attack by the immune system. The therapy is non-invasive and can be used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments.

Have you heard of hyperthermia, and if so, in what context? Let me know in the comments:)


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  1. This is very important information that you have researched and presented in this article. This is my first time coming across the topic of hyperthermia therapy. It has the potential to save many lives and alleviate the side-effects of chemotherapy.

    You stated that whole-body hyperemia induces a natural healing response by the process of elevating the core temperature of the body. The goal is to induce a high temperature up to 113 degrees F,  which can damage proteins within cancer cells, leading to their deaths and preventing metastases. 

    As I’m reading this, I’m wondering if whole-body hyperthermia therapy can be recommended for COVID-19 patients? There is the belief that COVID-19 does not thrive in hot weather? It is equally interesting to note that this type of therapy is non-invasive and can be used with other cancer treatments. 

    Again, thanks for sharing.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for reading my article. Many people aren’t familiar with the benefits of hyperthermia. It’s a wonderful therapy that can help the body on so many levels, and yes, it can be used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments. 

      If the temperature is tightly controlled, the therapy won’t harm normal cells, but like you said will harm the proteins inside malignant cells, which kills them. It also boosts the immune system, which means it would be helpful for virtually all conditions that the body would normally produce a fever to combat. 

      Now you can reap the benefits of hyperthermia by doing it at home at your leisure and convenience. Home-based therapies are amazing because you can do them consistently without having to pay for each session individually. 

      I appreciate your comment:)


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