Progress and Goals Are Soooo Much Better Than Feeling Stuck

I’m still basking in the relief of being divorced and out of my house. Relief is such a wonderful, life-giving emotion. I highly recommend it. However, to say I was utterly spent and exhausted for days after moving is an understatement. It feels like the end of an era – because it is the end of an era and a long one at that. Progress will always be better than feeling stuck, no matter the cost.

Selling our marital home, that we lived in for the last 17 years, was the last tangible tie to my marriage. I feel like I am released to move on now – unimpeded and without distraction. I so love tying up loose ends.

The last year of my life has basically been consumed by divorce proceedings and the listing, fix up, and sale of my house, and of course, moving and all of the uncertainty and fatigue that goes along with changing locations.

I cried with relief after the papers were signed. The last two weeks have been interesting. I‘ve led a nomadic lifestyle of sorts, staying at three different places, while dealing with a carload of nonsense – all of which I can’t do without.

Thank goodness I’m finally settled for a month until I can find a place of my own. I feel like I can catch my breath for a minute and recalibrate.

I wake up every morning immensely grateful that I’m free to move anywhere I want, and to design my life how I want it to look, free from the annoying distractions that have plagued my life incessantly for the past year, namely ending my marriage and finalizing the sale of my house.

The last half of 2020, and 2021 up to this point, have been all-consuming and fraught with complications, failed financing, financial abuse, and other unforeseen challenges that kept me on edge most of the time.

Progress and Goals

It feels soooo good to have all of that behind me, and to think about things that I actually want to think about, including all of the breathtaking possibilities that my future holds. It’s exciting, a little bit scary, but the excitement outweighs the fright.

The icing on the cake is that I’m not even dreading the holidays like I’ve done for so many years. There’s nothing like living in a dead end marriage to obliterate Christmas cheer. The sad thing is I used to love the holidays, and all of the festivities associated with it.

I want any of you who are reading this – who want to get out of a toxic marriage – to know that if I can do it, you can too.  It wasn’t an easy process, but I will tell you that it was a lot easier than living in the mess I was living in. At least I knew I was being proactive. And now look where I am, homeless, but not for long.

You can’t put a price on personal freedom. Freedom is priceless. Freedom is everything… It’s full of possibilities and promise.

There is a lot of life to be lived on the other side of abuse. And remember you get to take all the growth, and everything you learned, scars and all, with you to your new life. A richer, more fulfilling and authentic life, filled with people who get you, and with whom you can build meaningful relationships.


Relationships are the stuff of life. Our lives are not what they could be without nurturing relationships to color and enrich them.

One of my favorite books on relationships is called Relationship Intelligence by Dr. Dharius Daniels. It’s a must if you’re looking to improve your relationship IQ.

You have it within you to create a better, more worthwhile, life for yourself if you so desire, even if you’re tired, and stressed, and don’t have a glimmer of hope. Here’s a truth for you: DOING all that needs to get done is easier than THINKING and commiserating about all that needs to get done.

Take time to consider all of the lovely and life-giving possibilities, THEN take action. Progress will always be better than feeling stuck and out of options. You do have options and likely many more than you believe you have.

Design your life the way YOU want it to look…

There’s light AND life AND fun on the other side of heartache. 

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