Cashido OzoneOn 10 Second Machine Ozone Water System Review

The Cashido OzoneOn 10 Second Machine Ozone Water System is ideal for neutralizing odors, sanitizing food, destroying bacteria on the skin and household surfaces, bathing pets, hand washing, and fighting mildew. Ozone is a powerful way to neutralize harmful substances on the body and in the environment. You can do all this right from the convenience of your own kitchen.

Cashido OzoneOn 10 Second Machine Ozone Water System - Unit on Counter

Cashido Ozone Water System

The system is called the “10 second machine” because it only takes 10 seconds of rinsing to get all the tremendous benefits ozone has to offer. The unit is extremely easy to use. All that’s required is to attach it to a faucet, and voila, you have ozonated water on demand.

Ozone is injected into the water the minute the faucet is turned on. The blue light indicates that ozone is being produced. The system automatically turns off once the faucet is off. Simply turn the unit off if you want to use normal tap water. The unit works by using the water flow to create a suction system, which then draws ozone from the unit, mixing it into the water.

The Cashido is compatible with most faucets and comes with adapters in the event that it isn’t. The unit will not attach to pull down sprayer faucets. If this is the case, you can opt to install the OzoneOn in a bathroom or laundry room. The compact design allows for the unit to be hung on a wall or tucked away in a cabinet.

Popular Uses for Ozonated Water

Here’s a list of benefits from using ozone-saturated water:

Removes pesticides: Ozone can easily degrade and destroy pesticides on fruits and vegetables and on household surfaces. Tap water will not remove harmful chemicals, but is a source of contamination in its own right. Pesticides are estrogenic. Eating foods that has been sprayed with pesticides increases toxic load and risk of disease.

Eliminates odor: Ozone breaks down odors without leaving toxic residues in the air or on surfaces. Bathe your pets in ozonated water, brush your teeth, and disinfect areas of your body that need special attention: for instance, fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot, bad breath, bacteria in the mouth and sinuses, and dentures that need sanitizing.

Scrub your sinks, tubs, and showers with ozonated water to tackle mildew and lingering odors. The system is compatible with some showers, which would enable you to shower using the water. The water will also keep flowers fresh for longer periods of time.

Oh, and you know those mildewy smelly rags, towels, and socks that you have lying around? Reinvigorate them by washing them in ozone water. The water is also great for preventing annoying odors and mold-buildup in drains. Ozonated water is a godsend for sterilizing scratches and wounds. 

Destroys bacteria: Ozone kills bacteria on contact. Use it to remove contaminants on food to extend shelf life, clean meat, sterilize baby bottles, dishes, and toys, or remove bacteria from contaminated clothing. Ozone kills 99% of bacteria without leaching harmful chemicals. You can even mop your floor with ozonated water. You’ll have the cleanest floor in town. As an added benefit, ozonated water repels roaches.


  • Produces ozone concentrations up to 0.5 ppm or higher
  • Patented mixing system
  • No need to replace filters
  • Compact design
  • Unit can be hung on the wall or stored in a cabinet
  • Power: 100V-250V for worldwide usage
  • Ozone is produced instantly
  • Electrical parts are kept separate from the water
  • SGC and Bodycote certified
  • It’s recommended to change the check valve twice yearly
Produces ozone concentrations up to 0.5 ppmPower: 100V-250V for worldwide usage
Patented mixing systemOzone is produced instantly
Compact designElectrical parts are kept separate from the water
Unit can be hung on the wall or stored in a cabinetSCG and Bodycote certified
No need to replace filtersIt’s recommended to change the check valve twice yearly
10 Second Machine Ozone Water System - Testimonial

Key Points

We live in a dirty world, one that’s teeming with viruses, bacteria, mildew, pesticides, and other toxic substances. Ozone is the ultimate pathogen buster, and can be used for a variety of purposes. The Cashido OzoneOn 10 Second Machine Ozone Water System is a powerful tool to have in your home. Disinfect, sanitize, eliminate bacteria, and remove odors right from the hub of your home – your kitchen.

Did you know ozone had so many applications. Let me know in the comments:)

2 thoughts on “Cashido OzoneOn 10 Second Machine Ozone Water System Review”

  1. This ozone water system seems like a must-have given the dirty world that we live in. Most of the water we drink is certainly not healthy. This machine seems convenient and easy to use because it can be used from the comfort of your home, and I love that it only takes 10 seconds. This is a great great investment towards the health of our families.

    • Hello, and thanks for reading my review. Yes, the 10 second ozone water system is pretty slick, considering all that it does. Kill bacteria, sanitize produce, and disinfect surfaces. That it’s easy to use and affordable is the icing on the cake. Thank you for your comment:)


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