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My Story

My desire to become a functional health practitioner and cancer coach was instilled in me after experiencing my own health crisis and subsequent recovery. I know from personal experience how frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming it can be to make sense of the prolific amount of information that’s available online. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Cancer and chronic disease is epidemic and it’s continuing to spiral. Our food and water supply, along with our toxic environments, lead to nutritional deficiencies and immune-system overload. Pair this with stressful lifestyles, unfulfilling relationships, emotional angst, and a lack of purpose, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for disease.

In order to bring your life back into alignment, you MUST respond to the signals your body is sending. It’s screaming for a total-body reset. How will you respond??? I love the coaching model of helping people uncover imbalances within their bodies that allow disease to take hold in the first place.

Being sick is a time-drain, not to mention a burden on your family, your psyche, and your finances. Not feeling well slowly and insidiously hijacks your life. On the other hand, vibrant health enables you to pursue the dreams, adventures, and God-given callings we all have within us. 

Lifestyle Medicine

To run interference means to identify and eliminate everything from your life that is preventing you from recovering your health. Virtually every area needs a reality check because a number of factors are contributing to your body being hospitable to disease: from your diet, to how you move and sleep, your environment, your relationships, how you manage stress, your attitudes, and your sense of fulfillment.  

Removing blocking factors is a critical component, but so is adding in immune-boosting therapies that will enable your body to harness its own healing capabilities. This is lifestyle medicine at its finest. How you live your life does matter. It will take consistent effort on your part to turn your health around, but it can be done. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Dedication, time, and an unwavering commitment to YOU are needed to see positive results. The Law of the Harvest does indeed work. It’s a Biblical God-given law. Every single positive thing you do for your health will tip the scales in your favor, unleashing the miraculous healing power within. NOW is the time to take back your power and pool all your resource to reclaim your health, your life, and all you are meant to be. 


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HHP: Holistic Health Practitioner (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

FDN: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

CMTA – Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor

Holistic Cancer Coach

Minister with the International Apostolic Council

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