3 Dangers Of Drinking Alkaline Water You SHOULD Be Aware Of

Is changing the pH of your water a good idea?  People drink alkaline water in order to alkalize their tissues. However, you’re going to run into problems if you alkalize your stomach. Ideally, the pH in the stomach should be 1.5 in order to adequately digest food. Drinking alkaline water raises pH, which is problematic on many fronts. Here are 3 dangers of drinking alkaline water.
3 Dangers of Drinking Alkaline Water - Glass of Water

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3 Dangers of Drinking Alkaline Water

1. Impaired Digestion

Stomach acid is essential for breaking down protein into amino acids. Alkalinizing your stomach will hinder digestion, and ultimately immune function, because the human body needs adequate nutrition to function properly. You’ll also run into problems, including bloating after meals, heartburn, reflux, and GERD.
Contrary to popular belief, these conditions are a result of too little stomach acid, not too much acid. An acidic stomach will keep the pyloric sphincter from opening and releasing acid into the esophagus. HCL in the stomach naturally declines with age – there’s no need to hasten the process.

2. Reduction in Defense

Another problem with alkalinizing the stomach is that stomach acid is our first-line defense against pathogens. Drinking alkaline water is directly counteracting this defense system, setting the body up for disease. Infections are implicated in cancer due to their impact on immune function, so this is no small matter. Prevention is key.

3. Alkalinity and H. Pylori

A third reason to avoid alkaline water is the issue of H. Pylori, a common stomach bacterium that causes ulcers and is a risk- factor for gastric cancer. I’ve heard statistics stating that over half the world’s population has H. Pylori, many of which are asymptomatic, so they are unaware they’re infected.
H pylori is quite common and very contagious. In fact, if one family member has the infection, it’s suggested that all members be tested and treated. The infection can be passed via saliva so drinking from the same cup or eating from the same spoon that an infected person used, can lead to infection.
The H. Pylori bacterium burrows into the lining of the stomach, raising the pH through the release of an enzyme called urease. This weakens the lining in the stomach. If you drink alkaline water, in addition to having the infection, you will further raise the pH of your stomach. Not a good idea…

 Key Points

I’ve suggested to clients for years to supplement with HCL or malic acid to ensure their digestion is optimal. Like I stated previously, stomach acid naturally declines with age. Further alkalinizing the stomach adds insult to injury.
The take home message is this: filtering your water is your best bet, rather than altering the pH. This is the filter I use, and one of the only filters that I know of that filters out mercury. That’s my opinion on drinking alkaline water. I hope your learned something from this short video…

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